Easy지출부 Pro (+쇼핑리스트) app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 4375 ratings )
Utilities Finance
Developer: InhoLee
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Sep 2011
App size: 6.37 Mb

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Features and tips

● This App has easy input and use due to intuitive UI. It is so convenient!!

● Just touch the point where you are supposed to input information.

● This App allows to memorize easily by using photo icons.

● Try to use photo icons instead of complicated letters.

● Plus, This App allows you to input the simple tag according to your expense.

● It is efficient to add, delete, and use the cell.

● Touch the cell adding button.

● Push the cell in a leftward or rightward direction you want.

● Touch the cell price if you want to input the price of the cell.

● This App offers a price pad which you are able to use easily.

● Touch the "M" and "C" button in the price pad.

● Touch the Memo icon if you will record the things you dont forget to do.

● Touch the Basket icon to take photo

● Save the list according to the catalog you made.

● Touch the date to change the title of the list.

● Touch the Memo icon to record the event.

● Add and keep the items that you will spend in the list line.

● Just push the list item in a leftward direction in case you have the additional spending.

● Just scroll down in order to check the last daily/weekly/monthly list.

● It is also possible to correct/add/delete your last lists.

● Touch the "editing" button to correct/add/delete your last lists.

● It is possible to add the lists and items to those of last date whatever you want.

● It shows the total history of weekly/monthly expenditure through stored daily information.

● The weekly history shows the total amount of expenditure by segmentation of daily statement.

● The monthly history shows the total amount of expenditure by segmentation of weekly statement.

● Weekly/monthly statement shows the growth rate compared to the previous week/month.

● Support payment type set.

● Transfer the saving data from free version to pro version.